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Are your prices competitive?

Vacation rental managers use Smart Host to identify their competition on HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb to track prices and occupancy rates.


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Flexible & Simple Pricing

$19/month per rental type. Month-to-month subscription.

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“I use Smart Host to keep an eye on my competition's prices and occupancy rates. Their approach to dynamic pricing is the future of the vacation rental industry.”

Alex Kennedy-Derkay
Director of Marketing, Last Key Realty

Data Export

Export our pricing data to keep your existing workflow.

Add/Remove Comps

Curate the perfect Comp Set to get the best recommendations.

Smart Host featured in Skift
Smart Host featured in Forbes
Vacation Rental Managers Association

Comp Sets

Track the competition's pricing a year into the future.

Occupancy Rates

Know when specific nights are in high or low demand.

Price Alerts

Be alerted when prices and occupancy rates are changing.


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